Purple Striped Hardneck Garlic

Typically contains about 8 medium cloves wrapped in a purple streaked papery sheath. We currently grow the Purple Glazer and Northern Jewel varieties. These have a wonderful medium garlicky taste that mellows when cooked.

Garlic Pesto

Our pesto is made from the scape of a hardneck garlic plant. It provides a nice garlicky kick to many dishes. Try it on pizza as a substitute for the sauce, add it to pasta dishes, or just as a dip or spread with your favorite snacks and sandwiches.

Rocambole Hardneck Garlic

Typically contains about 8-10 cloves. Often mentioned to be some of the finest tasting of all garlics with a pleasantly hot and spicy taste. We currently grow the Russian Red variety with its beautiful dark reddish purple wrappers and the very popular Spanish Roja variety.

Garlic Powder

We produce our garlic powder from our matured cured bulbs. The garlic cloves are dehydrated then ground into a fine powder for you to enjoy in your favorite dishes. 

Porcelain Hardneck Garlic 

Typically contains about 5 large cloves wrapped in a very smooth, white, papery sheath. We are currently growing Music and German White varieties. Both are national favorites.  They have a rich full-bodied taste and a medium-hot flavor. The large bulb size makes these great for roasting.

Our Products

Black Garlic

Black garlic has a very unique flavor, a sweet savory and balsamic flavor with no resemblance to that of raw garlic. It has a soft tender texture and almost melts in your mouth. It adds a unique flavor to many dishes. Our black garlic is slow cooked for 12 days to produce this dark caramelized looking product. 

Garlic Scapes

Hardneck garlic produces a flower like curly stalk called a scape in early summer. This edible tender portion of the plant is very delicious with a milder garlic flavor and is great grilled, sauteed with olive oil, or made into pesto.

Garlic Hummus

Our hummus is made with our roasted garlic cloves and garlic powder combined with garbanzo beans to create a tasty dip best enjoyed with veggies or pita bread. 

Garlic Bulbils

Garlic bulbils are small pea or grain of rice sized seeds that grow from the flower like stalk of a hardneck garlic plant called a scape. We use these bulbils as seed stock for future crops of garlic.