Purple Glazer (Glazed Purple Stripe, Hardneck), ~1.25"-1.5" bulb size

Tall plant with thinner longer leaves and grows well in most climates. Beautiful looking bulbs with white outer wrappers and inner wrappers with streaks of silver and purple. Averages 8-10 cloves. A mild pleasing taste, great raw, and becomes sweet when roasted. Stores up to 4-6 months. Harvests in mid July.



Spanish Roja Hardneck Garlic

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Northern Jewel Hardneck Garlic

German White (Porcelain, Hardneck), ~1.25-1.5" bulb size
Tall dark green plant, easy to grow, grows well in most climates, very good survivor, produces large bulbs. Big beautiful white cloves and wrappers. Averages 4-6 cloves. It has a strong robust flavor. The large bulb size makes these great for roasting. Stores up to 6-7 months. Harvests in early July.

German White Hardneck Garlic
Purple Glazer Hardneck Garlic
Hardneck Garlic Sampler


Music (Porcelain, Hardneck), ~1.5" bulb size

Music is a national favorite. The Music variety is a tall dark green plant that has been a great grower for us year after year producing large healthy plants and bulbs. Grows well in most climates. Large bulbs wrapped in a very smooth, white, papery sheath. Averages 4-6 easy to peel cloves. It has a rich full-bodied taste and a medium-hot flavor. The large bulb size makes these great for roasting. Stores up to 6 months. Harvests in early July.

Chesnok Red Hardneck Garlic
Music Hardneck Garlic

Great buy! Includes approx. 3-4 bulbs each of the following varieties with all 6 varieties separated and labeled:

  • Porcelain varieties Music & German White
  • Purple Stripe varieties Chesnok Red, Purple Glazer, & Northern Jewel
  • Rocambole varieties Spanish Roja





Spanish Roja (Rocambole, Hardneck), ~1.25-1.5" bulb size
A medium height plant with large dark green foliage and is a great grower in the Northern U.S. Has thinner bulb wrappers with streaks of purple color. Averages 8-10 easy to peel cloves. Considered a "true" garlic flavor by many. It is the garlic of choice by many fine restaurants because of its easy peeling cloves and outstanding rich strong spicy flavor. Stores up to 4-6 months. Harvests in mid July.

Chesnok Red (Rocambole, Hardneck), ~1.5" bulb size
Taller narrow growing plant with broad leaves that will grow reliably anywhere in the Northern U.S. Great looking bulbs with wrappers of rich dark reddish/purple color. Averages 8-10 cloves. Has a nice garlic flavor and warm sweet aftertaste. Considered a great garlic for baking. Stores up to 6-7 months. Harvests in early July.

Northern Jewel (Purple Stripe, Hardneck), ~1.25" bulb size
The Northern Jewel variety has its origins right here in Michigan and is a great tasting local favorite. A medium sized plant with medium sized bulbs. Wrappers have purple streaks. Averages 8 cloves. It has a wonderful medium garlicky taste that mellows when cooked, great raw. Stores up to 4-6 months. Shorter medium sized plant. Harvests in early-mid July.